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About Us

Forgson/Tri Realty was formed in 1980. Its principals have many years of business and Real Estate consulting experience. They decided to formalize and develop their real estate investing advice and services by forming Forgson/Tri Realty to acquire and manage properties.

Over the many years, Forgson/Tri Realty acquired over $ 4 Billion of prime Manhattan and out of state Real Estate.

Forgson/Tri Realty's activities include the acquisition and operation of shopping centers and commercial office buildings; the conversion of residential properties to cooperative and condominium ownership. Forgson/Tri Realty and its partners benefit from their unique investment expertise, which its principals consistently provide.

Forgson/Tri Realty's approach to the acquisition of real estate can be best classified by the following categories:

  • Analysis of Investment Goals:
    Our investment criteria is to purchase properties. In the basis of cash flow situations combined with capital appreciation potential. In its analysis, Forgson/Tri Realty evaluates cash flow, potential appreciation, economic stability and tax benefits prior to making a decision to purchase a property.
  • Property Overview:
    Before any investment is selected by Forgson/Tri Realty careful analysis is made by professionals regarding the condition of the physical structure, tenant stability and the location of the property.
  • Negotiations and Purchase:
    Over 30 years major real estate properties successfully purchased by Forgson/Tri Realty gives the company an excellent reputation as a serious and successful investors in the real estate industry. Forgson/Tri Realty also manages its own properties.
  • Forgson/Tri Realty's professionals offer a warm, welcoming environment along with their valuable qualified experience. Forgson/Tri Realty's constantly expanding holdings attest to the company's ability to perform successfully in attaining its investment goals.

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